Now would you believe this..?..!?

Cover now would you believe thisAuteur: Yvonne Gillissen

Now would you believe this..?..?! is a story about the secret of love. Zaven and his girlfriend Camilla like playing outside in the snow together. They want to make snowmen. But then something strange happens…. For children (7+) and grownups who want to know more about that.




Viewing copy:

“There are some things you will never understand.
For example, you may wonder why your best friend suddenly had to move to some faraway place. Or why grownups and children sometimes quarrel. Or why there are so many stars and planets dancing through space. You may never find out. However, there is no mystery like the great secret of love.
Sooner or later it will happen to you and quite often you won’t understand it at all, really not at all. You can read all the books in Europe yet, no matter what, it will always remain a mystery.
Zaven and Camilla know a thing or two about it, because they experienced something very peculiar:
It has been snowing heavily. This is the third time this week, and Zaven has gone to pick up his girlfriend because today at last they are going to make a snowman together. He really likes Camilla. Later, when he is big and strong and when he knows a lot and can do everything, he wants to marry her.
Camilla puts on her red jacket and her new hat. Then they go out through the backyard into the snow. Camilla’s mother calls her back, because she has forgotten to put on her scarf. She quickly runs back and returns a little later, this time with a scarf wrapped twice around her neck.
They walk to the garden gate, where the meadow starts.
Everything is so white. “
Translation: Joke de Groot Gerry O’Neill / Fiction / Engels / E-book 9789493016101 / First published: april 2019 / 10 pages / EPUB with digital watermark / Cover and text formatting: Niek van Wijngaarden.